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Television would have you believe stardom is only an elimination round away. Indeed it is… if you want to settle for being a flash in the pan.

Before nightly programming became cluttered with “talent” shows, before wide-eyed wannabe stars lined up every year by the thousands for another season of throwing away their dignity on TV in the hopes of grabbing the brass ring, people used to work for the fame and fortune they desired. They didn’t allow a jury of overpaid celebrities to dumb them down and decide who should live to see another day, they created something for themselves to be shared with anyone willing to pay attention. All in the pursuit of a not-so-impossible dream. FIRE AND FAME is one such story. Every word is true.

Co-written by Joerg Deisinger, former bassist for the German hard rock band Bonfire, and Canadian music journalist Carl Begai (BW&BK), Fire And Fame traces Deisinger’s journey from small town kid to international recording artist, to his inevitable fade from the stage. Inspired by his escape from certain death at the hands of the 2004 tsunami that ripped through Southeast Asia, it is a recounting of the blood, sweat and hairspray he invested in his search for the spotlight, ultimately earning the right to tour the world and bask in the public eye. Penned in Begai’s unique and entertaining style, the focus is on the good, the bad, the often hilarious, and utterly mind-boggling aspects of the music industry, including first hand encounters with artists such as Accept, ZZ Top, Bon Jovi, Judas Priest, vocalist Don Dokken, W.A.S.P. guitarist Chris Holmes, photographer Ross Halfin, and actors David Hasselhoff and Brigitte Nielsen. Rather than being a cautionary tale, it celebrates the circus on the other side of the curtain.

Fire And Fame is a real life behind-the-scenes look at how a kid from a small town with the seemingly impossible self-appointed task of becoming a rock star actually managed to pull it off. On the outside an all too familiar cliché, but every cliché is born from a simple truth. Or a dream. Fire And Fame is a book for anyone who has ever had a similar dream, for those who have lived it, and for those who continue to do so.

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