2 comments on “PRIMAL FEAR – The Devil And The Details

  1. Uh … New Religion “weak”? It’s my favourite Primal Fear album, and is my number one for its year of release. Just opinion, I know. However, I truly feel too many folks have dismissed the record because o few key people have said as much that it is weak. To my ears, it’s incredible. This new one is quite good, too, but nowhere near the brilliance of New Religion, although I am happy with the member changes, overall. Tom is a great player and songwriter, but his attitude seemed to bring down the group.

    Randy is a beast.

    Great article, Carl. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for the thanks 😉

    Not sure why New Religion never floated my boat because I’ve been a fan for years. It just left me cold beyond a couple tracks. Black Sun was the same way… I’m not even sure if that’s what the album was called to give you an idea of how much I didn’t like it 😉

    Performance-wise though, Ralf is King and Randy is awesome. Two of my favourite players.

    Yer welcome, glad I could be of service…

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