3 comments on “CRIMSON GLORY – Transcendence (1988)

  1. Wow.
    What a great review/homage to one of metal’s most talented and underrated bands and frontman.
    I discovered Crimson Glory well over a decade ago and they are no less of an influence on me today; if anything, they are more, because as you so succinctly pointed out, they have indeed made a name for themselves as legens.
    If we’re all here, still talking about them more than 20 years after the first album, there’s no doubt in my mind that we’ll be waving our canes with glee while the rest of the retirement home trembles in their collective orthopedic shoes as we spin “Red Sharks” for the millionth time.
    (A slight exaggeration, perhaps…but we’ll see who’s laughing into their JELL-O in 30 years!)
    Thanks for a great piece on this phenomenal, unparalleled album.

    Metal on! \m/ \m/

  2. Hear hear brother. If his untimely passing has any positive impact whatsover, I hope that a few thousand or more people who may never have had the pleasure of hearing this music will be inspired to go discover for themselves and in turn spread this music until the Glory gets a fraction of the respect they’ve earned. As much as I relish being a life long underground metal head, it is frustrating when such works of art go largely unheard by all but the most devout while the American Idol culture continues to churn out…well, lest this turn into a negative rant, in Crimson Glory’s honor and Midnight’s respect, I say go out and buy a copy of Transcendence on CD today. If you already own it, give it as a gift to a fellow music lover. It’s a rare gem indeed.

  3. Well done Carl, this recording remains one of my favorites even today and the loss of Midnight for the Metal realm was truly a shame. I offered up my own brief homage/thoughts about the man and band which can be read by clicking my name. That will also present the reviews of the bands catalog which remains outstanding in my eyes. The band was ahead of its time and was sad to see how more people than not never ever realized about them.

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