Just a brief update on things going on away from this page that involve me or just happen to be my fault (which is one and the same, I suppose). So, in other words and bunch of metal-related stories scattered about cyberspace for your amusement.

I caught up with KITTIE drummer Mercedes Lander a while back to discuss the band’s new album In The Black, which was one of the biggest surprises of the year for me… until Devin Townsend’s new one showed up in my mailbox (more on that later). All kinds of Metallica and Carcass influences on the record, which is something I never expected of a band that annoyed the shit out of me a decade ago with their debut, Spit. The ladies have indeed grown up for the better. Check it out here.

More recently I spoke with CHILDREN OF BODOM keyboardist Janne Wirman about his new WARMEN album, Japanese Hispitality, and the new Bodom covers album, Skeletons In The Closet. He also reveals what he and bandmate Alexi Laiho are into when they get drunk. Read more.

On the BW&BK front I recently did a story on THEATRE OF TRAGEDY with drummer Hein Frode Hansen. The band has always been a guilty pleasure for me, which I don’t really understand since I really dislike the vast majority of goth acts out there. Their new album is a killer if you like that kinda thing, though. There’s an album review here, and the story can be found here.

Finally, I’ve got two more stories running at Metallus Maximus; an ARCH ENEMY story with the always cool Angela Gossow, and a piece on AYREON mastermind’s new and very Pink Floyd-meets-Queen oriented GUILT MACHINE. Click on the links above to check them out.

Beyond all that, some more industry-related blogs on the way, as well as reviews and a couple Retro Fit additions. An interview with Devin Townsend about his new album, Addicted, is on the way along with features on BRAINSTORM, Emilie Autumn, and TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA violinist Anna Phoebe.

Stay tuned, and make sure to check out my blog page From There To Here…. At the very least you may get a laugh out of it.



6 thoughts on “ARCH ENEMY, WARMEN, GUILT MACHINE And THEATRE OF TRAGEDY– BW&BK And Metallus Maximus Interviews Online…”

  1. You guys are funny. Ha ha. I was indeed born yesterday, I haven’t been in the music biz for 16 years and I have absolutely no respect for the artists I promote.


    Review is forthcoming, but sadly you’ll have to prey on some weak minded asshole to upload the album. Sorry.


  2. Awesome! Jonesing for a review, can’t wait to see what you have to say about Addicted. Lucky bastard, getting it over a month early. What’s the expected date of review mate?

  3. Review will be up by tomorrow, most likely later today. The record is AWESOME if you’re a fan of Ocean Machine. Seriously, as I’ll say in my review, this one takes its place in my fanboy collection beside City and Ocean Machine as Dev’s most complete not-a-naff-track-in-the-lot kick ass albums. And Anneke van giersbergen doing Ziltoid’s ‘Hyperdrive’ is sick… in a good way 🙂

  4. Do you have a favorite track? From all the pre-production vids and the thousands of listens I’ve given the teaser, I think Universe in a Ball is going to shake me the most, but it’s way to hard to tell.

    Ahhhh, so many questions. I should just wait for the review 😀

    That’s what being Addicted does though I guess (sorry)

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