POISON Guitarist C.C. DeVille Meets BRIGHTON ROCK — Name That Band…

It seems that every interview I do includes a couple stories or anecdotes from the artist in question that don’t fit into the context of the “official” interview. After getting three such gems thrown at me in two days I figured it might be kinda cool to showcase them in a separate column. No drama, no controversial tabloid fodder, just the fun shit. With that in mind, I give you round one from On The Inside:

CCFrazeBy Carl Begai

Fraze Gang / Brighton Rock guitarist Greg Fraser looks back on a moment in the ‘80s fast lane, which was clearly faster for some than others 😉 …

Fraser: “Brighton Rock did a show in Edmonton, and the next night Poison was playing in town with Tesla opening. They arrived the day before their gig so they all came out to see us play. So, we’re partying upstairs at the club and somebody asked ‘Where’s C.C.?’ because we knew he was there but he never came upstairs. It turned out that while the crew was tearing down the equipment – and the bar had pretty much emptied out by this point – C.C. got on stage and grabbed a mic yelling ‘Heeeeeeeyyyy! How you doin’ tonight!’ to an imaginary crowd. The mic wasn’t even going through the P.A. anymore, the guy was loaded out of his face (laughs).”

“We bumped into C.C. in Los Angeles months later, and he remembered me because I had been talking to him that night at the bar, but he couldn’t remember the name of the band all that well. He took me around, introducing me to the guys in BulletBoys and some other bands, going ‘Heeeeeeyyyy, this is my buddy Greg from Canada from the band Bright Lights!” Yes, we were officially known as Bright Lights. I just didn’t have the heart to tell him ‘No man, it’s Brighton Rock (laughs).”

Check out Fraze Gang’s new EP, Don’t Call Us, here. Audio samples can be found at this location. News, info and music from a clean and sober C.C DeVille can be found here.

1a) L.a. at the Whisky(smaller)
From left to right: Paul Taylor (Winger), Fraze, Marq Torien (BulletBoys), C.C. Deville (Poison), Jimmy D’Anda (BulletBoys)

– picture courtesy of Greg Fraser. All rights reserved.

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