BW&BK Interview: OVERKILL – Taking Over At 25

BlitzliveI recently caught up with Overkill frontman Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth to discuss the band’s new album, Ironbound, and how he and bassist / co-founder D.D. Verni have managed to keep the monster moving for the past 25 years. Ellsworth has always been a great interview and this time was no exception. An excerpt is below, the complete story is on the BW&BK website.

Ellsworth: “As you said, some records hit you and some don’t, but every step is necessary to be able to get to this point and to realize what your shortcomings are. I come from an age when, as a kid, I wanted to make actual records, something I could hold in my hand. If I think back to what my favourite vinyl is, they were cohesive records that when you put the needle down, from that first note to whatever that last note or scream was, that was The Record. It wasn’t just a collection of songs. It was about a feeling that it left you with after the 50 minutes or the 90 minutes or sometimes the 30 minutes (laughs).”

That’s always been our method because we come from that school of the 10 song or the eight song record. My favourite records don’t have 17 songs on them. It becomes filler to me after a while when records run that long. I’d rather have quality. It’s like, are you a WalMart shopper or do you want something that’s fucking great (laughs). Sure, you’re got to drive the Ford Focus sometimes because of the affordability but I’d rather be in that fucking Z4.”

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– live photo courtesy of Hakon Grav