3 comments on “Photografucked: Return Your Ego To Point Of Purchase

  1. Great narrative Carl, but you are generally the man who tells it like it is without fear. It’s true the digital age has opened a new door for many people who just want to “give it a go” and I guess in some sense I am guilty of being among their number but in my defense I am proud to be fiercely passionate about the Metal music scene and the bands we are privileged to spend those chance photo pit moments with. New York City is a madhouse from time to time with dozens of photogs snapping away and yet only a few of their own number ever putting the work up somewhere for those audience members to enjoy. Of course these same patrons are often recording the full show with their cameras for YouTube usage later on but oh well, its not for us to police as much as it is to provide some hopeful entertainment.

    Keep fighting the good fight for Metal my brother, I one day hope to exchange war stories with you over several cold ones.

  2. This is a great observation and much appreciated! I can totally agree with you, especially about the supposed photographers who shoot up front with a telephoto lens, then look at me like I’m crazy, since I have one lens and usually a very small camera bag to go with it. There’s no point in that sort of thing, especially if you’re in a pit, photo or otherwise. It’s just asking to get that fancy schmancy equipment torn up. If I had the money to purchase things like that, I most likely would not be taking them to shoot shows, which I usually am doing for free on my own time and dime.

    Of course, I also take the time to enjoy the show, which is very important. I’ve found that if you’re going to be that close, why not stand for a few moments in awe at the fact that you get to be close to whatever band, without a bunch of grubby hands trying to push you out of the way or that big dude in front whose feet are fused to the floor? If you can’t appreciate it, why even be there?

    Anywho, thanks for posting this and I look forward to checking out more of your blog!!

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