3 comments on “NUNO BETTENCOURT – Roadwork With Rihanna

  1. whatever you do is peachy keen by me sweetheart…listening to you play..whatever you play..is an auditory orgasm..and the visual just adds to it..keep it funky Mr. B.

  2. cmo nuno…!!! seriously what r u thinkin?! i knw u like som kinda variety(as ure always in the past too) but honestly, many fans o yors, like me who digs yo music n all yo styles wit the guitar n off it u know…. n all those cool, amazing stuffs u’ve done with EXTREME, man NOW after uve gain so much recogntion 4 wot uve done or bn doin before this ‘no-so-impressive’ move, hw can u do this hay?? m concerned lol… Nuno cmo Be REGAl n TRUE to what u really are!!! I dont hate Rihanna n her music bt i do know that her “thigh-and-butts/boobs-flashing” aint gonna carry u on for long!!!

  3. aye michelle… i donno who u are but tat was a very wrong encouragement ure extending to wot u called ‘Mr.B’. if ure a real Mr.B fan, then think again…

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