4 comments on “LOUDNESS – King Of Pain

  1. Hi Carl! Nice review here, i’ll definitely check out this album.

    I am pretty sure I will like it, since you seem to have similar tastes to mine: Yes, albums with Masaki Yamada are severely underrated, those and Spiritual Canoe are in fact the only albums I listen to on a regular basis.

    I have been very disappointed by Loudness’ last efforts, messy and not melodic at all.

    I always thought Niihara produced much better music with Sly. Yamada’s insane vocals, on the other hand, fitted Takasaki’s new guitar style and the band was much more original, and musically united during that period.

    Anyway, all that babbling to say i’m going to buy this disk on your recommandation :D

  2. Thanks for yor faith. I really do enjoy the album, even after dozens of listens (always a good sign ;-)). I hope it lives up to your expectations.

    And SLY ruled. I still listen to Dreams Of Dust to this day…

  3. After having listenned to it, I must say some of the songs rock, the best one being Power of Death.

    However, overall, the album isn’t as solid as Spiritual Canoe is.

    As a side note, I’ll go see Loudness live on saturday! I live in Shanghai, China, and they are playing in a music festival in a closeby city!

    Can’t wait, 1st time ever seeing them live :D

  4. I haven’t heard a Loudness album since “Solder of Fortune,” which was just okay, IMO. I really like “King of Pain!” I’m happy to see these guys are still kicking it!

    P.S. You’re right, these new bands just can’t touch the old-school! They don’t even come close.

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