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  3. Fantastic interview. Regardless of the critics, I love the new album and Peter’s drumming and vocals are awesome. Never heard of Peter before Static Impulse, but I was blown away by the album. Really an amazing talent and I hope that Peter gets more exposure in the metal community, because Peter’s the type of musician that deserves it.

  4. Wildoer Shreds on Static Impulse – enough said. Ya I’m one of those proud DT fans that’s been followin them forever too – but are there seriously complaints from DT fans about Wildoer’s growls/screams!? I personally think he did a flawless job with the growl/scream accents and again – his drumming shreds and is one of the best performances I’ve heard in many years. (YES – That INCLUDES Portnoy’s performances over the last few years.) I say Wildoer for the next DT drummer and let Mikey boy move over. He (Portnoy) left his “baby” (DT) anyways…What parent would do that!? Wildoer would bring an entirely new level of extremity to DT and the new sound they need. His performance on Static Impulse makes Portnoy look B o r i ng. You’re Thee Man Pete.

  5. As far as I’m concerned you hit the nail on the head on all counts. It was a stroke of genius on LaBrie’s and Guillory’s part to have Wildoer on the album. It’s the best thing James has done in years. As much as I like(d) Dream Theater, it’s nice to hear actual SONGS. And putting Wildoer into the mix made ’em that much more interesting. He’s a monster… amazing…

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