One comment on “VISUAL KEI – Inside Looking Out: Metal, Make-Up, And A Walk-In Closet

  1. Great article! I’ve been a die-hard Visual-kei fan since about 2006, and most people would probably call me a Viskei lifestyler. Like Sophia, I wear this style to the nines on a daily basis – while the Gothic Lolita look she wears is actually still going really strong, though separated from the music scene, I’m sure I am one of the very few left who still wears it OTT Visual-style these days.

    I love what she said about her look being a part of who she is. I think that’s part of what’s missing from the new Visual-kei bands: they’re doing it to be in the scene rather than to show people who they are. It’s becoming more like a slightly edgy Punk-influenced street style than a full-on look.

    It makes me desperately sad to see how the scene is fading: it’s had its heyday, I’m sure, and unless there is a revival of the old school some time soon, it’ll surely be absorbed into the mainstream altogether, just as many bands now are being absorbed. Even Versailles, the only really big second-wave band left, is toning down its look of late – which is a huge deal considering how influential they are.

    Visual-kei is on the brink of fourth-wave, and I honestly don’t think it’ll last the test of time with the amount of exposure it gets at the moment. But it’s wonderful that western musicians like Sophia are doing their best to promote it. I think that people are genuinely interested in the good Viskei bands and if they knew more about the scene, it really could see through the years to come despite how the western Visual-kei boom watered it down.

    Also, 9Goats Blackout is one of my favourite bands too! But don’t even talk to me about Tokio Hotel.

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