MY RUIN – Music For Nothing, A Kick In The Teeth For Free

By Carl Begai

When a press person sings the praises of a band or artist in a public forum, it’s a safe bet that swag is involved. Every music journo has done it at some point, thinking “I scratch your back, you give me a free (insert item or sexual favour here)” until he or she realizes / remembers it’s supposed to be about the music first and personal gain last.

With the above in mind, I’ve shamelessly pushed and promoted My Ruin to anybody withing spitting distance for the better part of two years… and believe me, I’m a projectile saliva expert at this point. My efforts haven’t been in the interest of adding wearable aggressive blasphemy to my wardrobe, however. Nope; I just happen to be a My Ruin fanboy, dating back to the late ’90s and vocalist Tairrie B. Murphy’s first real metal edged smackdown, Tura Satana. And oddly enough, after years of silence we reconnected somewhere along the way and became friends. Thus, any stories, reviews, thoughts, musings or dirty jokes based on My Ruin’s brand of noise were spawned by that friendship.

Yeah, tough guy, so what? Big deal.

Actually, it is, because in a day and age of mass digital consumption and the keyboard warrior “Me me me me fuckingrightit’sallaboutME!” mentality, artists are raped for their music, and their efforts are unappreciated to the point of contempt. That said, the musicians in question don’t owe anybody anything, which is what makes My Ruin’s latest contribution to hearing loss, A Southern Revelation, that much more special.

It just happens to be available to everyone for free (although Ke$ha fans should be concerned about spontaneous combustion).

Seriously, free music with no strings attached, put out by the band for the love of their art. My Ruin’s way of giving the finger to a small time label boss that dared to try and stifle them, but more importantly, because they wrote some damn fine music that they have every reason to be proud of.

Check out my review of A Southern Revelation here, take it with a grain of salt, and pick up the album here to compare my notes with your own. And if you think I’m off the mark, well… start your own damn website and write a review 🙂 The more exposure My Ruin gets, the better.

As for that “Donate” button on the page at the link above, pretty much self-explanatory to all but the most weed-headed…

For those that have had their interest piqued, prodded and pulled, check out a catalogue of My Ruin coverage below.

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.. and, check out the video for the new song Tennessee Elegy here.

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