2 comments on “THE AGONIST – Music Industry Reality Check For Illegal Downloaders: “Sorry To Shatter The Rockstar Fantasy…”

  1. I always download my music. Seriously, fuck you. If you just want to play for fans you wouldn’t care about money.

    Get a real job if you want to make money.

  2. Caring about money and needing it to survive are two very different things, “dick niggerson”. Don’t try to justify being a fucktard.

    The reason most bands are still playing today (and I mean MOST bands) is precisely because they love doing it. If they wanted to make money, they would have become accountants. Every touring musician (pro or amateur) will tell you that if you don’t love playing music, you will never last a year. The rivers of shit that musicians have to swim through for every single album sale, every single gig are just mindblowing.

    Noone can stop you downloading illegally, but don’t try to act smug about it and tell musicians that they don’t deserve your lousy ten bucks.

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