4 comments on “NIGHTWISH – I Wish I Had A Singer… With Some Common Sense

  1. Troy even wrote on his facebook page, that apparently him and Tuomas went on the stage before the show, and asked the audience by a raise of hands, if they should do the gig anyway. They were suprised to see nearly everyone in the audience wanted the show anyway, so apparently the only one wanting to cancel was Anette. As the same reason they fired Tarja, they don’t want to rely on the will of one single person. They don’t want a diva, to decide about the bands decision, and I support that mentality.

  2. According to the press release, it was a mutual decision, she wasn’t fired.

    “Nightwish and Anette Olzon have decided to part company, in mutual understanding, for the good of all parties involved.”

  3. Press releases are, a lot of times, a way for someone to let their fans down easy.

    When someone involved directly with the band posts this:

    “Yes, a split with the singer Anette occurred but it was really, really for the best. Believe me. The joy of this adventure was being wrecked and everyone was feeling very insecure…”


    Read between the lines, and it says Anette was invited to leave.

    Ah well. The truth will come out soon enough….

  4. I was at that show, and yes they did come out and ask us which option we wanted. They let the audience decide whether or not to cancel, so if Anette is angry with them going on her own fans are partly to blame. As for me, I’m glad they did put on the show anyway.

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