2 comments on “QUEENSRŸCHE – New Album Review: “A Slab Of Faith-Restoring Metal”

  1. I’ve given a listen to the album and i must say that the legendary Queensryche is back… Yes, i miss De Garmo, we all do but, this album is indeed from the true Queensryche (you know, the one that died after Promised Land), give it a chance to them and they won’t disappoint you.

  2. Just heard new album,punched the air with delight,after so many years and so many albums just waiting for them to regain format only to be yet again disappointed.
    This is the album that should have come after promised land,forget the others.
    Oh and best of all this sounds just like prime era queensryche even with the new singer,sounds just like tate at his best,which let’s face it was years ago

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