DELAIN Goes Voice-To-Voice With ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ For The Human Contradiction – “Versatile And Innovative”

By Carl Begai

Dutch bashers Delain are gearing up for the international release of their new album, The Human Contradiction, in April. A buzz has been growing around the album for the last couple weeks, particularly with the news that it will feature guest appearances by vocalists Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot), George Oosthoek (ex-Orphanage) and Alissa White-Gluz (The Agonist, Kamelot). Catching up with singer Charlotte Wessels for a BW&BK interview, we kicked things off with discussion of mutual friend Alissa’s efforts on The Human Contradiction’s closing track, ‘The Tragedy Of The Commons’:

Delain 1

“I was, of course, aware of what The Agonist does and I know some of the songs, so I knew what Alissa was capable of vocally,” Charlotte says of asking Alissa on board. “Back then I’d just spent a month with her on the Kamelot tour, and what she does with them is such a different thing. After I saw The Agonist play for the first time I told her that I was amazed those two voices actually come from the same person (laughs). I’m very impressed by that because seeing Alissa on YouTube and seeing her perform live are two very different things. And as I’d only seen her perform with Kamelot up to that point there was a big difference, and that did surprise me (laughs).”

“To be honest I’m very fond of her screams because they’re very dynamic. She’s one of the people I’ve imagined being part of our music for a long time because I really like vocalists that are so versatile and innovative. It does make a difference if you meet somebody and spend time with them on tour; it becomes more natural to ask them to contribute. I was very happy that she wanted to.”


Watch for the complete Delain story coming to BW&BK at the end of March.

The Human Contradiction tracklisting:

‘Here Come The Vultures’
‘Your Body Is A Battleground’
‘My Masquerade’
‘Tell Me, Mechanist’
‘Sing To Me’
‘Army Of Dolls’
‘The Tragedy Of The Commons’

Release dates:

Germany / Austria / Switzerland – April 4th
UK, Rest of Europe – April 7th
North America – April 8th


For more information on Delain go to this location. Updates on Alissa White-Gluz can be found here.

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