2 comments on “KAMELOT – Enter Haven: “Be Our Guest…”

  1. To those who pointed out that I’d forgotten to mention Mari Youngblood and Amanda Somerville as previous guest vocalists, you’re absolutely right to call me on a stupid mistake like that. My apologies.

    I blame it on too much metal and not enough sleep 🙂

    Thanks for reading….

  2. Hello Carl
    Thank you for sharing this interview with us. I will forward this on to the Kamelot camp and I will post it on the OFFICIAL Kamelot Canada FB page, which I admin.
    Excellent review. We are all very excited about this new album HAVEN with a North American release date of May 4, 2015 (one day AFTER Kamelot plays the Pheonix Concert Theatre in Toronto). We are also very thrilled the band has decided to include 6 Canadian dates on this tour. It would appear the Kamelot name is garnering tons of new fans worldwide. The guys have worked very hard to finally get this kind of recognition. And it helps tremendously that Canadian media has picked up on their music.
    Kudos to BraveWords for publishing this article.
    You RAWK Carl.
    Thanks again, on behalf of Kamelot and the KamNation network of supporters.

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