2 comments on “KOBRA AND THE LOTUS Vocalist Reveals Cause Of Reduced Touring For High Priestess Album – “I Was Diagnosed With Lyme Disease”

  1. Take care.of yourself and Please get well so you can rock the nation. We love you.

  2. I just read this post on Facebook. Sorry Lyme ended up taking the starch out of you for a while Kobra. So glad you are back on your feet and kick boxing thru it!

    I have my issues too. I have a form of autism, a high functioning ASPIE a form of Aspergers syndrome. All through school as a kid, I had no idea and 23 years working at my career job, I had no idea. It wasn’t until the end of my career at work, that I did a brain test and found out what I have been going through. Although it leaves me looking like a total underling at times, the truth is I am left extremely creative… I can live with that….Oh well, retired from work, so I don’t really have to fight it much anymore.

    Time to PLAY!! \m/ \m/

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