Suite101 – An Interview With THE ALMIGHTY’s Ricky Warwick, And The Sword Of Truth Gets Carved…


Just an update on my writing for Suite101 in case anyone’s interested in what I’m up to when I’m not being metal.

I recently did an interview with The Almighty vocalist / guitarist Ricky Warwick that focused on his new folk album, Belfast Confetti, and ventured into the reals of his other band, Circus Diablo, as well as discussing the future of The Almighty. The story was so big that I ended up splitting it into two parts, with the folk-oriented portion of the going to Suite101. Click the picture of Warwick below to check it out.

For my fellow sci-fi / fantasy geeks, I also threw down an overview of Terry Goodkind’s popular series of books, The Sword Of Truth. Back in 1997 I picked up the first book, Wizard’s First Rule, and was impressed enough to buy into the books that followed. Unfortunately, Goodkind decided to stretch things out over 11 volumes when four were enough. My review gives voice to what I think of folks that don’t know when to quit or change things up so as not to bore people to tears.

Back soon with more material exclusive to this site as well as some BW&BK-related updates.