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For you Hoser-loving heathens…

First off, unless you’ve been living under the weight of a large rock and your own self-importance, you’re aware that former Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach has released his new album, Kicking & Screaming. (Yes, yes, I know he lives in the U.S., but Doodness grew up in Peterborough, Ontario and cut his teeth in Toronto). As I mentioned in my review (found here), the record didn’t do anything for me during the first spin, but it won me over and has since become a regular listen in the hallowed halls of BW&BK’s European crash pad. Apologies to Baz for my initial misgivings, but the album is a brilliant piece of work. If you were ever a fan of the Skid Row debut and Slave To The Grind, pick it up.

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Back in February, folks with discerning taste in Canadian rock had lots to talk about. Hands down one of our country’s best kept and severely underrated secrets – kept in the limelight thanks to frontman Hugh Dillon’s successful acting career – the Headstones reunited for a number of select shows, putting an end to eight years of silence. The band’s hometown show in Toronto at the Sound Academy is one of those gigs that anyone who claims to be a diehard fan will swear to having been in the audience. I will gladly lie to your face and say I was in the front row.

Sadly, I couldn’t be there as I was out of the country, which sucks beyond words.

It was a momentous occasion because the Headstones were easily (and remain) one of the most original acts to come out of the Canadian music scene. The reunion shows went over a storm and then some, to the point that, all these months later, they’ve committed themselves to a project that lifers like myself have been clamouring for:

“Make no mistake, you’ve kickstarted the machine. The next record is a direct result of that wave of interaction. You made us remember what the fuck it is we do.” Continue Reading

Hails and all that happiness in the new year stuff. Too bad about your failed New Year resolutions, though. Anyway, drown your sorrows with beer and a few updates from the Great White-In-The-Winter North…

Devin Townsend, the original Strapping Young Lad, is gearing up for the release of two albums in April. InsideOut will issue the Deconstruction and Ghost records simultaneously, thus completing Townsend’s four part look inside his Hevy Devy persona (check out my previous interviews with him about the Ki and Addicted albums). Prior to the releases he will do a headlining tour through Europe; dates can be found here. The Devin Townsend Project, as this particular era has been dubbed, also features Terror Syndrome members Ryan Van Poederooyen, Mike Young, and Dave Young. More on them and Townsend’s escapades in the coming weeks and months, as they’re due to spend most of 2011 on the road.
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