CRASHSCENE – Hits And Pieces

By Carl Begai

Anyone who became a fan of Canadian bashers Neurosonic during their short but volatile run between 2006 and 2009 will agree the band should have been much bigger than they were. From a commercial standpoint their debut (and only) album, Drama Queen, had plenty of radio potential that was never tapped, and on the live front Neurosonic was known for delivering the same face-melting show for 2,000 or 20 people on any given night. Sadly, frontman/founder Jason Darr unexpectedly pulled the plug on April 1st, 2009 based on his growing discontent with the music industry. One of the most original almost-mainstream bands to come out of Canada in years had been silenced.

Fast forward to March 2012 and the rise of Crashscene, an outfit that is essentially Neurosonic minus Darr with a few new twists thrown into the mix. Bassist Jacen Ekstrom is now up front as lead throat backed by guitarist Troy Healy and drummer Shane Smith, with new faces Ean “E” Scream filling Ekstrom’s old boots and guitarist Josh Volkov. The band’s debut album, I Fall Apart, is a welcome picking up of Neurosonic’s pieces worthy of serious attention.

“Darr and I are in contact a lot, but he doesn’t want to be in a band anymore because it’s a lot of hard work without a lot of the rewards you’re hoping for,” says Troy Healy of choosing to move forward with Crashscene. “Jacen and I are lifers; we couldn’t run from this if we wanted to (laughs). It’s a blessing and a curse.” Continue reading CRASHSCENE – Hits And Pieces