JESSICA ROSE – Fashion-Able

By Carl Begai

Folks that know me will agree the only thing I know about fashion is that I don’t have any sense in that regard. I do, however, keep company with a few talented up-and-coming designers (how that happened is anybody’s guess). During my recent trip home to Toronto I went to breakfast with my good friend and former Woods Of Ypres keyboardist Jessica Rose, who launched her own company Corpseknit Clothing a few years ago. Dubbed “Neo-Victorian knitwear”, it was a do-it-herself-at-home venture that achieved moderate success via an online store. I learned, however, that the interest in her work had grown to a level where it made sense to change the name of the company to something a little more welcoming to those standing in Sleepy Hollow gothic fear of the Corpseknit brand name. So it went that A Resurrection Of Romance by Jessica Rose Design was born.

Jessica and her husband entertained me and The Girlfriend with a tale of risking life and limb for her photo gallery (okay, well, ditching Molson Indy security people, hair and make-up done on a streetcar… :-)), which was followed by a photo shoot with The Girlfriend in the historic Distillery district of Toronto for some hat-type things Jessica has created (I believe the word is “beret”, but I’m a guy so I don’t actually have a clue). Over the course of the morning I was aware that in spite of Jessica’s petite stature her enthusiasm for the work at hand puts her at about 10 feet tall. Like everything else artistic these days, the fashion branch is a make-noise-or-die business; she’s up to her eyeballs in it and winning. Continue reading JESSICA ROSE – Fashion-Able