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By Carl Begai

The Canadian metal scene has bid farewell to another hero.

On February 25th, Sven Gali guitarist Dee Cernile lost his three year battle with cancer. I didn’t know him personally, but I had the pleasure of seeing him and his band tear up the Toronto club scene for a number of years in the early ’90s. Good times indeed, with Sven Gali one of several hopefuls on the Toronto scene at the time that managed to secure a record deal and go places beyond the nearest downtown watering hole. Thanks to my early involvement with M.E.A.T Magazine, I had the opportunity to interview Cernile on a couple occasions, and one of my earliest “I’m with the band” experiences took place at the legendary Gasworks in T.O., when myself, Cernile, Sven Gali vocalist Dave Wanless and a couple Killer Dwarfs partied into the wee hours of the morning… because we could.

Rest in peace, Dee, and thanks for the memories. Here’s one of them, back when I was learning how to use a camera…

Dee’s passing has hit much closer to home for people on the Toronto that worked, played, and occasionally butted heads with Sven Gali. Famous Underground vocalist Nick Walsh – who made a name for himself fronting Slik Toxik at the same time Sven Gali was raising hell – paid tribute to Dee when he received word of his death: Continue Reading

By Carl Begai

The remaining members of legendary Toronto club band Slash Puppet, who were a fixture on the Canadian scene from 1989 – 1995, paid tribute to late guitarist Lou Garscadden on August 4th, marking 10 years since his passing. He was 36 years old.

The band issued the following statement:

“Ten years ago, Toronto, Canada, and the world lost a phenomenal guitar player and a true rock star when Louis Peter Garscadden passed away on August 4, 2001. It is truly unfortunate that more people the world over were not able to experience his obvious and overwhelming talents as a guitar player and his warmth and charm as a unique personality. A true original, and a true rock star who deserved a hell of a lot of more notoriety than he ever received. One of the best… period.”

No Strings Attached, a CD version of Slash Puppet’s 1989 demo tape known as The Demo, was issued through Sun City Records out of Australia on September 3rd, 2007. I caught up with frontman Mif for BW&BK to discuss what was an unexpected release, and during the course of the interview he addressed Garscadden’s tragic passing: Continue Reading

Mif_MyspaceSpectrum1[1]By Carl Begai

Anthony J. Mifsud has worked hard at being an entertainer for over 20 years. He doesn’t live a rags-to-riches existence, subscribing instead to a process of shedding blood, sweat and the occasional tear to get to where he is now. His efforts have finally paid off.

Better known simply as Mif, he drew attention to himself as the frontman of Toronto’s legendary late ‘80s metal band Slash Puppet, cutting a demo (‘89) and one official album (’93) before calling it quits in 1995. By this time Mif already had a few acting gigs under his belt, but it was his appearance in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues in 1994 that got the ball rolling in earnest. Mif’s resume is nothing to sneeze at, as it also includes appearances on TV shows such as PSI Factor, Relic Hunter, Once A Thief, Due South and FX as well as credits on films starring Sylvester Stallone (D-Tox), Dolph Lundgren (Detention) and Ryan Reynolds (Foolproof). In the last two years, however, things have become decidedly busier with a pivotal role in the Gina Gershon film Just Business (2008) and a recurring role as the evil Dr. Necros on the new Disney XD program Aaron Stone, the latter of which Mif considers the opportunity of a lifetime.
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