GEORGE LYNCH – Soul Food (Part 1)

Lynch 1By Carl Begai

George Lynch will always be known first and foremost as the guitarist for Dokken.

A simple point of fact, taking nothing away from his ongoing work with Lynch Mob, a catalogue of solo albums, and his latest project Souls Of We. Nor is it a shot at the guitarists that have taken Lynch’s place in Dokken’s ranks since his final departure in 1997. Rather than whine about how his post-Dokken work may not receive the recognition it deserves, however, Lynch continues to move forward at a steady pace without disrespecting the fans and the band that gave him a name. The new Lynch Mob record, Smoke And Mirrors, picks up where he and vocalist Oni Logan left off 17 years ago, while Souls Of We explores the more off-the-cuff hippie side of Lynch’s songwriting, and within it all there are hints of the the old shredhead George coming full circle.

“Well, maybe not a circle; I would say the trajectory would be more in line with an obtuse triangle or a dodecahedron (laughs). So many things affect that the way your creativity evolves, or devolves. That’s the reason I love doing this. It’s really an adventure and every time I sit down to write or form a band I’m not sure what’s going to happen. To just try and recreate a past event or state of mind is an exercise in re-animation. I have no interest in bringing back the dead unless I’m getting paid a butt-load of cash to do so.”
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