Yes, You Can Be A Celebretard…

NameWhen and their tabloid ilk first ran “stories” on Bennifer I quite honestly had no idea what they were talking about. It took a few revolutions of my brain to realize they were referring to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in the happy throes of their eventually doomed relationship.

Neat play on words, I thought. It works. The end.


The mental midgets who feed the tabloid media don’t know when to quit, of course, and will flog a horse until its bones have been reduced to powder. Thus they gave us K-Fed, J-Lo, and the infamous Brangelina, thinking they were oh-so-innovative and cute in giving the world a blanket term for Hollywood’s most popular power couple, dumbing down anyone who dared come near a celebretard “news” report. But, whatever, let ‘em have their fun. It’s not like the morons who use their magic Scrabble boards to come up with this shit are doing me any real harm.

Until now.
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