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This page is operated and updated by a Canadian metalhead. If you don’t like Canadians or metal you’re in the wrong place.

Born and bred in Toronto, Carl is one of the key writers for Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (affectionately known as BW&BK) and has been part of the mag’s quest for world domination since 1997 because his questionable guitar skills prevented him from becoming a professional musician. So did his receding hairline. He is from Toronto but lives in Germany as BW&BK’s European correspondent, and is also in the business of writing books. Carl loves Japanese and Indian cuisine, has a libido that should probably be locked up (although he’d enjoy that, too), and puts friends and family before everything else. When he’s not writing Carl is either experimenting with photography, cooking, thinking about sex, playing guitar, or trying to convince people that he is in fact an adult. He despises racists, trash-talkers with no backbone, same old same old routine, music journalists who ruin it for the rest of us by putting exclusive promo material online when they fucking know better, and warm beer.

And now, a few words from the man himself:

carl-2Welcome to my website.

For the record, this wasn’t my idea. In fact, I find it just plain weird to see a “.com” after my name, but it turns out that one of my highly respected Evil Minions – a close-knit group of friends that keep my feet on the ground and my shit together – decided that I needed a website to support my escapades as a writer. So, the dude in question took time out of his schedule to work out the specifics of this page with the expectation that I would finally enter the 21st Century and take my so-called career little more seriously. That and he enjoys watching my eyes cross when I’m confronted with anything cyber-related.

Thus presented with the idea, I began wondering if I’d really use a website of my own. After all, between the BW&BK site (, my MySpace page and Facebook, what in the heck did I need with another page to play with? The more I thought about it, however, I realized it could be of worth, what with being the place I go to work, MySpace acting as little more than a networked juke box, and Facebook being my playground for interaction and assorted nonsense with the folks that matter. So here I am, trying to figure out how to make things work, hoping to present the people that discover this page with some food for thought and hopefully entertain them along the way.

That said, you can expect to find links to assorted online stories at penned by me that didn’t make it into BW&BK due to space restrictions, excerpts from my books (published and works-in-progress), links to bands and artists I feel are deserving of attention, and blogs on music or book related subjects. You won’t find too many rants on this page, though, as I want to try and keep things professional and positive. As professional as things can get around here, anyway.

So, come on in, take a look around, make yerself comfortable, it’s good to see ya. And stick around; it’s only a matter of time until I figure out how to install a fridge in this thing.

Carl Begai / BW&BK

** Please note that all text on (headlines, articles, stories, interviews, reviews, musings) are copyright of Carl Begai. I can’t very well prevent you from cutting and pasting content to make your own websites even more interesting, but if you’re going to do so please give credit where it’s due. I’m fully capable of giving a legal stomping to people who think they’re being clever, but I’d much rather not go down that road. Life is too short to waste it on unpleasant things.

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