The Archives Updated, My First Book Now Available

razor-3I’ve updated The BW&BK Archives with some pretty cool stories (if I do say so myself) featuring BIF NAKED, Phil Collen from DEF LEPPARD, LOUDNESS, and an exclusive head to head to head chat with NIGHTWISH founder Tuomas Holpainen and SONATA ARCTICA frontman Tony Kakko conducted during the Once tour in 2004. Finally, my book Fire And Fame is now available for purchase in The Books section. Hit the link for details.

One thought on “The Archives Updated, My First Book Now Available”

  1. Must say the Fire and Ice book is fantastic.
    I never knew Bonfire but Joerg’s story is very cool.
    Even though he lived in Germany and I in Canada, i can totally relate to many of his experiences.
    Well written too, not too wordy and I don’t have to reference a dictionary!
    Great job!

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