What’s Up, What’s Next….


Just a few words to the folks that have been stopping by to take a look around (a hell of a lot more than the nine I was expecting…) . Thanks for making the existence of this site worth my time and whatever energy I have left to stroke my ego; much appreciated.

Over the next two weeks several stories from yours truly will be spread out between BW&BK and this site. On the BW&BK front there are stories on EPICA, LEAVES’ EYES, ex-NIGHTWISH vocalist TARJA TURUNEN, DEATH ANGEL, STRATOVARIUS and THE ALMIGHTY frontman RICKY WARWICK. This site will see interviews featuring TESTAMENT, former NEUROSONIC frontman JASON DARR, and singer extraordinaire AMANDA SOMERVILLE. I’ll also be adding to the Reviews and Retro Fit pages over the next few days.

With regards to the distribution of stories between BW&BK and my site, most of my stories go to BW&BK. This page is set up to take the overflow of material that I have because as my editor Tim Henderson puts it – and he’s absolutely right – we don’t want to turn BW&BK into The Carl Begai Show. The stories in question are linked back and forth between the two sites, however, so it’s pretty hard to miss ’em.

One final item, with regards to the “Comment” feature on this site. It was up an running at the beginning, but I was forced to shut it down due to incessant spamming from folks wanting to offer all kinds of anatomical upgrades and other such crap. I’m open to comments or questions so long as it’s constructive, so please send any feedback along to carl@carlbegai.com.