Support, Stories And Satanism, Oh My…


Once again, a big thanks to those of you stopping by to check out my playground. And to those of you posting comments, thanks for keeping it clean and being pretty damn articulate and intelligent when you set off on an overview, commentary or critique. I enjoy the feedback, positive and not, and it’s definitely of worth. Keep ’em coming.

Currently up and running elsewhere (because it’s no fun staying in only one spot), I recently posted the larger portion of my recent interview with THE ALMIGHTY frontman Ricky Warwick on the BW&BK site here. He was a cool interview as always, discussing the here-and-not status of The Almighty, the death of his other band CIRCUS DIABLO, and being a folk artist. The folk-oriented portion of the interview is still available via Suite101.

I also supplied Suite101 with a review of DANKO JONES’ kick-ass B-Sides compilation, released earlier this year. You can find it here.

I’ll be posting stories on the BW&BK site in the coming weeks featuring THE NEW BLACK, German doom gods AHAB, Dutch / Mexican (yes, really) gothsters STREAM PASSION, and SONATA ARCTICA guitarist Elias Viljanen. Very cool stuff. As for this site, watch for a Retro Fit of CRIMSON GLORY’s classic Transcendence album, stories on TENET, NERVECELL and SAVATAGE / TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA guitarist Chris Caffery.

In addition, I recently did an interview with author / musician Joel Gausten. The man not only boasts his own growing empire of published works, he has played and (inadvertently) recorded with a little band called the MISFITS and recently released a book on Satanism. All three subjects are covered in the interview we did, which will be spread out over a month in three installments. A very interesting and inspiring read, one definitely worth your time when it his this page.

We’re talking real Satanism, by the way, and not the Hollywood “wooga wooga evil hate death” bullshit we’ve had slapped into our brains since childhood. If I wanted that crap I’d focus on the Catholic church.

Check out Gausten’s official website here.