BW&BK Interview: KOBRA AND THE LOTUS – How To Build An Iron Maiden

KobraLotusKobra And The Lotus are a little band from Calgary, Alberta that I took an immediate dislike to when I first heard them in 2009. The music was fine but I couldn’t stand the vocals, provided by the otherwise lovely Brittany Paige. I have to admit, their debut album Out Of The Pit isn’t the car crash I expected. I recently spoke with Paige about the changes that helped Kobra And The Lotus get out of the career-stifling hole they were in, and was surprised to learn I had a hand in pushing the band’s decision to re-record all the vocals for the debut. Following is an excerpt from the story, with Paige discussing life as a metal band from the Canadian prairies.

According to her Calgary is the city where metal goes to die…

Paige: “We don’t really focus on Calgary at all. We find that, for now anyway, with the position the band is in and the venues that we play, it’s not an appropriate scene for us. The difference between Calgary’s and Edmonton’s metal scenes, it’s way bigger for us in Edmonton. I think there’s too much elitism in Calgary, with people having these ideas of how things need to be and having no room for compromise. It’s definitely not our favourite place and we’ve made it our home base and not much else. We just focus on touring and playing places like Toronto, for example. That’s a much better place for us to be.”

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