Only In Canada, Eh! — June 2010

More music-related updates from the land governed by Tim Horton’s coffee…

London, Ontario-based rockers Bobnoxious – the party commando squadron led by Razor frontman Bob Reid – are gearing up for the release of their new album, aptly entitled Cocktales. The record was being mastered as of this writing so there were no audio samples to get an indication of what’s coming, but it’s fair to say that it falls in the category Beer Goggle Rocket Science. Stay tuned for information and updates as they come my way, as well as an interview with the ‘Noxious one himself. Stay tuned.

Note: the boobs that used to be in place of the picture to the left had to be removed due to National Security issues. In other words, the band is beefing up the cover art so it’s even more appropriate with regards to the allbum title.

On a more serious note, Tim Henderson, the lord and master of BW&BK – otherwise known as Boss – recently caught up with Triumph guitarist Rik Emmett for an exclusive interview. Emmett was doing press to promote the band’s new and long overdue Greatest Hits package, and anyone who is a fan of the band would do well to read the article. He discusses the package itself, of course, and in addition tackles the subject of the Triumph reunion and the possibilities (or not) of a new album or full-on tour. An excerpt from the piece:

Emmett: “I’m not as motivated to make new music as I am to say go out and play a concert where somebody goes, ‘Yeah, you play the concert, we pay you this much money.’ You go, ‘Oh, now that seems reasonable.’ And the whole idea of selling records now, I really think the digital age has kind of blown the guts right out of that thing and I’m not sure whether or not it makes any sense for anybody.”

Check it out here. It’s a frickin’ epic…

On the hammer-meet-skull front, blackened doom faves Woods Of Ypres from Sault Ste.Marie (that would be The Sooooooo to you folks that can’t read Canadian) have set up a summer tour in support of the new album, Woods IV: The Green Album. They’ll hit Canada and infiltrate parts of the United States in June and July; check out their tour schedule here and watch for updates, as more shows are expected to be booked soon.

I should point out that the band is still an independent entity, meaning frontman / founder David Gold is handling all album promotion and booking the shows himself. Huge respect for doing shit the hard way. Check out my review of The Green Album here, go to this location to listen to audio samples and purchase the record, and when they come through town go check ’em out. Watch for an interview with the Golden Child ;-), coming soon. Watch a little bit of live Woodness here.

I’ve also received word that When Forever Dies, featuring former Scarlet Sins members Sylvya NuVynska (vocals) and Tanya Nicklaus (bass) have mixed one new song. Their debut album is a long way from being done, but the band is slowly but surely getting things together. More updates and information as I get it.

If and when audio samples turn up they’ll probably show on the band’s official MySpace page, found here. Additionally, check out their official Facebook page for more info.

I’ve heard the track, by the way. It kills righteously.


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