Only In Canada, Eh! — July 2010

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s still June but I decided not to wait on posting this stuff. Just wait until it gets to mid-July and I’ve got more music and tidbits to yap about. I’ll actually have to get creative with the title of this column…

When Forever Dies, featuring former Scarlet Sins vocalist Sylvya NuVynska, has posted the final mixed version of the new song ‘What Have You Become? online. A great little tune featuring Syl in a rather aggressive place, backed by a band featuring (get this…) keyboardist / everyman Matt Guillory and guitarist Marco Sfogli from Dream Theater frontman James LaBrie’s solo band, Halford bassist Ray Riendeau, and drummer John Pacheco, who performed on the Scarlet Sins debut and shared the stage with Syl in Surface Underground. The track was made to sound big and fat by Rush producer / engineer Rich Chycki, who also produced the Scarlet Sins debut. Check out What Have You Become? at this location.

A full album is in the works, more news on that coming soon.

Bobnoxious have issued the final cover art for their new album, Cocktales, which has thankfully stayed true to the original version and remains boob friendly. Certainly appropriate for the band’s trademark Molson Motörhead metal. The album is due to be released in early July, but two songs are currently available for streaming. Check out ‘Long Night’ on the band’s official website here; the song ‘Fish’ is streaming on YouTube, offering folks a chance to hear both sides of the Bobnoxious coin. The complete Cocktales tracklist can be found at this location.

After two years away, former Slik Toxik frontman Nick Walsh is back with Revolver. A new album is finished and awaiting an official release date, but in the meantime the band has launched a new official website here. It features the usual information and assorted links, but they also have an online store set up for fans to be able to purchase the Turbulence and The New Blood Rock Show albums. Audio samples are also available on the page.

I recently spoke to Walsh and he mentioned that some of the songs featured on The New Blood Rock Show live CD / DVD will appear on the new record along with as-yet-unheard new songs.

Stay tuned for more, coming soon. Promise…