Irish-Canadian Metal-To-Blues Smackdown

A couple years ago Fate decided she’d play games in my favour. Following a crap evening at a German pseudo-fair, which consisted of getting rained on inside a beer tent, I found myself being dragged along to what promised to be a crap evening (thanks to the company The Girlfriend and myself were keeping that night) at an Irish pub. Turned out they had live music, featuring an Irishman who was able to carry a tune and play guitar without spilling his beer. Of course, being in a surly mood I thought nothing of egging him on when he decided to poke fun at the audience. The gentleman took an immediate liking to the fact I was brazen (see: stupid) enough to make fun of him while he was on stage, and exacted due revenge by insisting I come up and sing a song with him. Carl doesn’t sing well at all, as everyone in the bar that night can attest. I really did sound like a drunken sailor…

The gentleman’s name was and is Kevin Murphy – although he likes to preface that with “Big” for reasons that escape me, because The Girlfriend has pretty bumps – and we’ve become something resembling Compatriots In Booze. It turned out he’s not only a singer and an English teacher, but a quizmaster with a rep in and around the Nuremberg, Germany area. Quite popular he is, to the point that he gets paid for tormenting the poor souls that dare match wits with him about six times a month; a job that even comes with a groupie or two.

While preparing for a quiz a few months back, Murphy asked if I could supply him with some metal-related questions, as he was clueless about the genre. I was happy to oblige given that the idea of punishing people from afar appealed to me, and by all accounts that particular round of his usual format went over a storm.

Murphy reportedly had a great deal of fun with that little shake-up of the norm, and he recently proposed doing a complete music-related quiz with me since I supposedly know what I’m talking about on that score (the jury is still out). I liked the idea, and by all accounts the idea was embraced by his regular turn-out of thinktank teams. Given the go-ahead as it were, Murphy and I have since formulated a plan for a take-no-prisoners metal-to blues-and-back quiz, due to take place in February or March 2011. No Beyonce, no Miley Virus, no Justin Bieber or related pop-tart tripe, just REAL music. Yes indeed – Jimi Hendrix, Crimson Glory, The Rolling Stones, Overkill, Led Zeppelin, Death Angel – 50 shots of rock / metal related trivia, history, and you-were-dumb-enough-to-complain-there-wasn’t-enough-metal-that-first-time questions (cue stereoptypical Satanic laugh here)…

Details and silly promo pictures to follow. In the meantime, check out “Big” Kevin Murphy’s website here.

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