Only In Canada, Eh! – December 2010 (2): HEADSTONES, GLEN DROVER, FAMOUS UNDERGROUND, WOODS OF YPRES, And Yers Trooly Makes Glory Is Noise A Little Louder…

Busy month, lots going on musically (metallically) in the country that I’m happy to call home (that’s Canada for you heathens, not Canadia… jeez :-)). And on that note, onward….

Big news out of Toronto has the Headstones reuniting for two shows in St.Catharines and Toronto on February 3rd and 5th respectively. More punk-meets-Johnny-Cash than metal, the band had noteworthy success through the ’90s and into the 21st century before breaking up in 2003. Their upcoming Toronto show was sold out in approximately 20 minutes if one believes radio reports that came down after tickets went on sale (and the Sound Academy is not a small room). Folks that may not know the Headstones (silly people, click here for a taste) may recognize frontman Hugh Dillon from his current starring roles in Flashpoint and Durham County.

For information on the Headstones go to this location. Check out their catalogue on here. Further your education with ‘Smile And Wave’ and ‘It’s All Over’.

Former Megadeth guitarist Glen Drover recently announced that he has signed a multi-album deal with Magna Carta, with plans to release his new solo album Metalusion in early 2010. An update from Drover confirms that the record will in fact hit the stores in April. Of the two tracks I’ve heard this far – ‘Ground Zero’ and ‘Illusions Of Starlight’ – it’s safe to say the album is going to surprise people in a good way… provided you have an open mind. The ‘Illusions…’ track, for example, sounds like Drover is channelling Jeff Waters and classic Dream Theater simultaneously.

We’re currently working on setting up an interview. The plan is to go live with it January 1st, stay tuned…

Famous Underground frontman Nick Walsh recently released a cover version of The Beatles’ song ‘Rain’, the classic b-side from the ‘Paperback Writer’ single, as a tribute to John Lennon. Check it out at this location along with several cuts from their New Blood Rock Show album released under the band’s former name, Revolver.

For those that may have missed it, I recently spoke with Walsh and bassist Laurie-Ann Green about their new self-titled album. Check it out here. Go to this location for more information and a dose of F.U. Radio.

Check out video footage of ‘Wasteland’ here.

Some absolute coolness from Earache Records, the new home for Woods Of Ypres. Band frontman / founder David Gold has been in Kuwait for the last several months on a teaching job, and as of this writing he had about a day-and-a-half left until his return home to Toronto. The label posted the greeting on the left (click to enlarge) as a show of support for Gold and his band, who are due to release their fifth album through Earache next year. It will be Woods Of Ypres’ fifth album, their first as a signed band. Hats off to Earache for the sentiment.

Additionally, Gold will be spilling the beans about the new Woods album and his time in Kuwait in a new interview, coming soon.

And finally, American journalist / author / musician Joel Gausten recently asked me to be a guest on his internet radio show, Glory Is Noise, in January. Between my raging ego and the fact Gausten has a brain in his head AND a personality I agreed to let him to prod my grey matter. Topics of discussion haven’t really been discussed or finalized, so it seems we’re going to do this off the cuff, but it’s a safe bet we’ll be discussing BW&BK, journalism in general, how much illegal uploaders / downloaders suck balls, music (given that I’m choosing eight songs to torment the masses with), and Satanism / religion.

For information on Gausten’s work click here. Details on Glory Is Noise can be found on Facebook using this link.

Big thanks to Paco for pointing me in the direction of the following call-to-arms… 🙂

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  1. I’ve never understood why the Headstones didn’t become a big deal in Canada (or elsewhere) I don’t have anything against The Hip and don’t begrudge them their success, but I always thought the Headstones were a better band, especially live. Yet they never seemed to enjoy the same kind of commercial or critical success as The Hip. Maybe they just pissed too many people off.

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