Only In Canada, Eh! – June 2011: KOBRA AND THE LOTUS, UNTIMELY DEMISE, MODIFIED, David Gold Gets in Touch With His HELSINKI SEOUL, And BW&BK Counts Down The Canucklehead Best Of…

Hails, hosers! For those that care about metal happenings in the first nation of poutine and disgraceful postal “service”, read on…

Calgary-based Kobra And The Lotus – a band that I loved to hate once upon a time – recently released a video for the new song ‘Welcome To My Funeral’, the second track featured on their forthcoming album, Visionary. To say that big things are brewing in the Kobra camp is an understatement, as the video showcases a much darker and heavier side of the band. While their metal roots have never been in doubt given the old school approach of their debut, Out Of The Pit, folks that are expecting the same will be pleasantly surprised by the new and improved sound. Vocalist Brittany Paige’s voice has gone through a startling transformation, as she’s ditched what she calls her “character voice” for a deeper and rich natural voice. No operatic crap, no worries. Just… balls. Not the first thing you think of when you see the lovely lady, but you get my meaning.

Stay tuned for an interview with Ms. Paige, coming soon. In the meantime, check out the new video here.

For folks that think the Prairies have nothing good to offer beyond endless flat stretches of road and truckstop breakfasts, Saskatchewan’s death metal thrashers Untimely Demise have signed an worldwide deal with Sonic Unyon. Get past all the talk about how everyone is happy to be working with each other in bringing the band’s brand of metal to the masses, and the truth is the band stands to make a serious mark on the scene if they’re pushed properly and can secure a few solid international tours. Shouldn’t be too difficult, methinks, as their official debut City Of Steel is a smoker.

The album is due to be released at home and in the US on September 13th. Go to their official MySpace page here for audio samples.

Toronto’s Modified recently completed work on their new album, the follow-up to their five debut song EP, Cruel Intentions. This band became a personal fave in spite of the fact they aren’t as heavy as a lot of what I listen to regularly, but if the new song ‘Die To Resist’ is any indication of where the band is going there are going to be more rock and metal-based media folks / publications standing up and paying closer attention.

Word has it the album will be available via iTunes soon, with a physical release set for August. More on that as the release date gets closer, with an interview most certainly in the cards.

In the meantime, check out my previous chat with vocalist Tricia Stanley here.

And while this may look like a monthly Woods Of Ypres love-fest, the fact is frontman/founder David Gold always seems to have something going on. When he and his bandmates aren’t risking life and their internal organs touring and living off fast food, Gold is exploring new musical avenues.

First off, he has posted clips from a song entitled ‘Kuwait’ here from a new project going under the banner Helsinki Seoul. He describes it as a “work in progress about seeing the world alone and being lost without you.” According to Gold this will become a serious project when the time is right rather than something he’s diving into with both feet.

In addition, the Canada 2010 album from Gold’s Thrawsunblat project with vocalist/guitarist Joel Violette is now available for streaming and purchase via It was previously only available through iTunes, which as we all know is never good for your computer. So, check it out here and support some serious indie talent.

And finally, with the arrival of Canada Day on July 1st, the BW&BK family will kick-off a month long countdown of the greatest Canadian metal and rock albums of all time. Yes, there are more than enough to fill out a 30 day run. Along with the staff’s choices – some of them questionable, others beyond reproach – several well known Canuck musicians will be comtributing to the list. Watch for an announcement and assorted arm-waving here, or just keep your eye on the BW&BK website for the official launch.

And no, contrary to the rumours, Loverboy will NOT make my personal Top 20.