THE ALCOHOLLYS – Flashback / Girls Night: “Guaranteed To Rivet Fans Of Pop-Punk To The Floor”

By Carl Begai

Maybe it’s the sense of nostalgia that makes The Alcohollys so damn attractive, or it could be the wave of relief caused by hearing real music in an age when the tripe that passes for pop rock lacks brains, soul and integrity. A clever mix of The Go-Go’s, The Cars and The Ramones, the Canadian all-female quartet surfaced earlier this year with the three-songs-delivered-as-two Flashback EP, and the thing that immediately hits home is how bloody ’70s / ’80s organic authentic they sound. Title track ‘Flashback To ’93’ is guaranteed to rivet fans of pop-punk to the floor thanks to the in-your-face delivery and what’s become their trademark synth backhand courtesy of vocalist Kimber Heart. ‘Death Riot / Demolition In Speed City’ is a slick mix of The Ramones and ’70s prog (seriously), ranking for the moment as the best track The Alcohollys have released to date. A matter of taste to be sure, but it’s an unexpected kick in the balls.


Released this month (December 2013), Girls Night is the second tease from the band as they (hopefully) gear up for a full length record. The title track is a straight-up punk ditty too smart for The Offspring crowd and somehow reminiscent of The Vincent Black Shadow, while the mid-tempo ‘Lock Stock Lola’ is a top-to-bottom Go-Go’s / Cars flavoured anthem. Biggest surprise of the moment is ‘Nobody’s Perfect (But This Is Getting Ridiculous)’ which somehow manages to channel the Foo Fighters yet keeps the brazen sunshine-and-happiness vibe that’s woven through all five tracks.

Loving the vocal harmonies and gang vocals as an added touch. And the fact that two Kittie members – past and present – are part of The Alcohollys is somehow wonderfully absurd.

For the record, these songs separate or combined smoke everything pop tart Avril Lavigne has ever released that was heralded as punk.

The Alcohollys are too damn good (and thus frightening) to be played on present day radio, which is a crying shame. I suppose that’s my age showing, but it’d do rock radio some good to lock into real music instead of resuscitating the Nickelback / Three Days Grace / Theory Of A Deadman sound every three months. In fact, I dare the program director music police to take a listen and tell me there’s nothing here of worth. Anyone that does has missed the boat on what real music is all about.



Flashback EP tracklist:

‘Flashback To ’93’
‘Death Riot’ / Demolition In Speed City’


Girls Night EP tracklist:

‘Girls Night’
‘Lock Stock Lola’
‘Nobody’s Perfect (But This Is Ridiculous)’

The Flashback EP and Girls Night EP are independent releases. Pick them up at The Alcohollys’ official Bandcamp page here.