2 comments on “ARCH ENEMY – War Eternal: “Wonderfully Obnoxious, Brash And Addictive”

  1. way too generous, you must not have listen to much metal this year so far, if it wasnt for the mass commercializing of this album and Alissa it would have stayed closer to underground where they had a home but this pop elevation is pointless if the music speaks for itself, it doesnt, they had to make a gimmick out of Alissa to make them interesting to new fans who seem to be clueless about the metal world around them! Generic melodic death metal at best, nothing to get overly excited over!

  2. OMFG hahahahahahah this cant be taken serious hahahahahaha, the best ???? hahahahahahahaha omfg that really made me laugh, and this “review” looks so bias, so empty, so flat, and remember your name (what the fuck with the whinning lyrics?) this is the best shit not the best album whatsoever !!

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