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Television would have you believe stardom is only an elimination round away. Indeed it is… if you want to settle for being a flash in the pan.

Before nightly programming became cluttered with “talent” shows, before wide-eyed wannabe stars lined up every year by the thousands for another season of throwing away their dignity on TV in the hopes of grabbing the brass ring, people used to work for the fame and fortune they desired. They didn’t allow a jury of overpaid celebrities to dumb them down and decide who should live to see another day, they created something for themselves to be shared with anyone willing to pay attention. All in the pursuit of a not-so-impossible dream. FIRE AND FAME is one such story. Every word is true.
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What’s Up, What’s Next….


Just a few words to the folks that have been stopping by to take a look around (a hell of a lot more than the nine I was expecting…) . Thanks for making the existence of this site worth my time and whatever energy I have left to stroke my ego; much appreciated.

Over the next two weeks several stories from yours truly will be spread out between BW&BK and this site. On the BW&BK front there are stories on EPICA, LEAVES’ EYES, ex-NIGHTWISH vocalist TARJA TURUNEN, DEATH ANGEL, STRATOVARIUS and THE ALMIGHTY frontman RICKY WARWICK. This site will see interviews featuring TESTAMENT, former NEUROSONIC frontman JASON DARR, and singer extraordinaire AMANDA SOMERVILLE. I’ll also be adding to the Reviews and Retro Fit pages over the next few days.
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Carl Begai interviewed by journalist / author Neil Daniels

UK-based journalist / author Neil Daniels recently caught up with me to discuss my new book, Fire And Fame, and my career with BW&BK. An excerpt is available below. Enjoy…

carlhellguitarQ: Tell me about your book Fire And Fame. How did you hook up with Joerg Deisinger?

Carl: I met Joerg in ’98 in Nuremberg, Germany, where I’m currently living. He lived around the corner from me at the time and worked at USG Records, so we ran into each other on a regular basis. I was never a huge Bonfire fan, but we had a common interest in rock, metal and movies, so there was never a lack of things to talk about. He moved to Thailand in 2004 and narrowly escaped being killed by the tsunami that hit on 26th December. By rights he should have been killed; only dumb luck saved him. When he first approached me about the idea of writing his memoirs I didn’t really see the sense of it – I had no idea just how popular Bonfire had been in Europe in the early days – but I understood his reasons. His first hand experience with the tsunami and the aftermath, I think that was kind of like a mirror being held up in his face, saying “look at your life and don’t fucking take it for granted.” He asked me to work with him on the book because of my experience as a journalist, and I agreed based on our friendship. What sold me on the project was the fact that I had an active role in shaping the book rather than being a mere translator. Anybody with the skills could have translated his story, but I was able to use my voice to tell it. Fire And Fame was a 50-50 split with regards to creative control, so while it is indeed Joerg’s story I was able to put something of myself into it as well.
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The Archives Updated, My First Book Now Available

razor-3I’ve updated The BW&BK Archives with some pretty cool stories (if I do say so myself) featuring BIF NAKED, Phil Collen from DEF LEPPARD, LOUDNESS, and an exclusive head to head to head chat with NIGHTWISH founder Tuomas Holpainen and SONATA ARCTICA frontman Tony Kakko conducted during the Once tour in 2004. Finally, my book Fire And Fame is now available for purchase in The Books section. Hit the link for details.

An Interview With


As an introduction I figured I’d share a recent interview I did with, conducted by Chad Bowar. Read on…

How and when did you first discover metal music?

High school, 1983. There was a kid in my classes by the name of Jim Watt who wore those cheesy black rock shirts with the long white sleeves – W.A.S.P., Mötley Crüe, Megadeth, Judas Priest, Metallica – every single day. Between the clothes and the long hair he was marked as an “undesirable” by the teachers and always ended up sitting at the front of the class so they could keep an eye on him, so he quite naturally became the center of attention for everyone. He was actually a very cool guy and quite happy to hang with shy and introverted geeks like myself and teach us a thing or two about music. A couple cassette tapes later and I was hooked for life. My parents weren’t exactly thrilled, but I think they were secretly glad my pocket money was being used for records and not drugs.
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