CREIGHTON DOANE – Life Without A Harem

By Carl Begai

Toronto rockers Harem Scarem officially called it quits in 2008 after 20 years in the trenches. Co-founders Harry Hess (vocals) and Pete Lesperance (guitars) led the band through two decades of noteworthy hits and best forgotten misses, gaining considerable respect along the way as songwriters, musicians and producers, eventually bringing them to a point where the band didn’t hold enough promise for the future. Maritime-born drummer Creighton Doane – affectionately known as “Where’s Darren?” in reference Darren Smith, whom he replaced in 2000 – understood the decision to shut things down, but instead of seeking out a new band he opted to devote more time to production work of his own. Two years on he has resurfaced with a new one-man-band solo EP, Pilot Error, which showcases his talents as a musician, singer, and above all a songwriter. A far cry from Harem Scarem’s melodic rock sound, it’s an album that inevitably leaves people who dare to dive in wondering why Doane doesn’t release more music more often.

Harem Scarem’s split was “controversial” in the sense that there was no badmouthing or assorted mudslinging, nor was there any exceptional fanfare. It amounted to the band saying “Thank you, good night” and quietly exiting stage left. Continue reading CREIGHTON DOANE – Life Without A Harem